A Helmet Bill?

If you’ve flown Jet Blue before, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they are the official airline of The Sports Frappe.  Not only does their live television package come with 4 different ESPN channels, (halfway to “The Ocho”), but they even have the channels in the correct placements: taking up channels one through four on the dial.  ESPN leads off, and ESPN Classic bats cleanup.  

Here’s a sports news item that you didn’t hear watching PTI, Quite Frankly, or any of the other talking-head shows that dominated the ESPNs’ programming during my flight today.  There’s a bill currently in the Massachusetts state legislature that would make helmets mandatory in the game of soccer, including all levels from youth to collegiate.  

I recall being a 13 year old when California passed a similar law applying to headgear and bicycles.  My response then was something to the affect of, “I’ll be taking the bus to school from now on,” and I suspect this ruling might have a similar consequence on the state of New England soccer.

Seriously, soccer players already have to take enough heat on campus.  They play a sport everyone else quit playing when they were twelve, about the same time they realized that even the Speedo-clad swim team gets more attention from the ladies than the shin-guarded soccer squad.  But now they’re going to have to wear helmets too?  What better way to kill this “budding” American sport than force helmets into a game in which head to head collisions are about as frequent as un-funny movies featuring Will Ferrell.

Football helmets have their obvious necessity; skateboarders fly around on ramps and rails above concrete; pole-vaulters fall from heights of 10 to 15 feet.  These are legitimate reasons to require helmets.  Soccer players run back and forth on grass . . . flat, soft grass.  On top of the needless-ness of the soccer helmet, I’d imagine that doing a header with a helmet on would be a lot like throwing a baseball while wearing mittens.  

Come to think of it, maybe they should pass this bill.  I’d love to see what designers come up with in order to market a helmet specifically for soccer.


3 thoughts on “A Helmet Bill?

  1. Wow, everyone in Big Sky country thought CA was always cutting edge.The local work pool had California odds even, that HS boys legislated uniforms would be speedo’s with black leather purses to school functions.I lost again!Montana Mike


  2. Wow, it doesn’t sound like you have ever played or watched a competitive soccer match. Ever. I play collegiate soccer and I have been in the hospital three times in the last month for head injuries. I split both eye brows open on seperate occations from going up for headers, one required 13 stitches and the other six. In the same week as the second stitches I also recieved a severe concussion which took me out of school for a week and out of competitive play for almost two weeks. The only way I am cleared to play is if I have a header helmet on. The same goes for another player on my team who recieves concussions from the force at which she takes headers. We have also had three other players on our team recieve concussions and our season is only half over. And on your other comments about soccer players, actually we are greatly respected pon our campus and are more well known than the swimming team, thank you. We have the best team out of all the fall sports on campus. We also have one of the highest injury rates because of the physical aspect of our game. Why don’t you try going to a competitive game? I’m sorry you weren’t good enough to make your U-12 select team.


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