The Bronx Bunglers

The only thing that’s certain is death, taxes, and the Yankees pursuing high priced superstars in the off season. I’ve been scouring the web the past two weeks looking for news of the Yankees chasing Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, or maybe even Terrell Owens.

Just when I thought the resigning of their General Manager Brian Cashman was going to be this year’s dynamite pickup, I found that they had possibly outdone themselves.

They are allegedly considering picking up 32 year old ex-Red Sox, ex-Cub Nomar Garcia Parra and would play him at first base. That’s right, the soccer husband.

Don’t get ahead of me yet. Ok, now go……….the Yankees already have two future Hall of Famer shortstops, one of which was moved to third.

So now the Yankees can take their division and shortstop number one can be clutch, number two can disappear during anything resembling a playoff, and number three can be injured and miss the playoffs completely.

Let’s take this one step further. Why don’t the Yankees step all the way to the plate and field a team totally comprised of Shortstops?

Here’s the lineup I propose by batting order:

1-David Eckstein 4 (Shortstop playing 2nd base)
2-Derek Jeter 6 (Shortstop playing shortstop)
3-Miguel Tejada 2 (Shortstop playing catcher)
4-Alex Rodriguez 5 (Shortstop playing 3rd base)
5-Nomar Garciaparra 3 (Shortstop playing 1st base)
6-Juan Uribe DH(Shortstop batting only)
7-Edgar Renteria 9 (Shortstop playing RF)
8-Rafael Furcal 8 (Shortstop playing CF)
9-Orlando Cabrera 7 (Shortstop playing LF)

SP – Maicer Izturis
RP – Jimmy Rollins
Closer – Omar Vizquel
Manager – Ozzie Smith

Way to go Yankees. This move will definitely get you over the hump.


One thought on “The Bronx Bunglers

  1. IAm joins in:What a stroke of genius. If only George Gestandza would have thought of that, he would never have lost his position with the Yankees–and, maybe Sienfield would still be playing.


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