Grassy Knoll?

A week ago I read a curious quote in the New York Post. It went as follows: “Highly placed Jets sources say they’d prefer not to draft Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart because it would mean investing too much money in one player when they have many holes to fill.”

NY sports translation: We don’t want to spend the money on a marquee name that will be the focus point of our brutal media’s abuse when we don’t win quickly enough to suit them or our fans.

At first I thought this was a case of horrible negotiation tactics. I believe it was Don Corleone that uttered (barely) something to the effect of, “Don’t ever let anyone know what you’re thinking outside the family.” Why would you let the competition know you’re not interested in drafting one of the premier players available in the draft? You want them to think you have big plans for your top draft pick, so they know they’ll have to offer you the sky to even listen to them. This enables you to trade down and grab multiple players and draft picks. Easy, huh? Especially when you look to have a high draft pick that by the way, was a Heisman Trophy winner.

So I just thought they were inept, or at best, there was a mistake and someone reported on a conversation that they thought was being shared on the record.

While I was looking into a possible magic bullet theory, the Jets went out and beat the Raiders over the weekend. That’s when I figured out that the Jets definitely DO NOT want to draft Leinart, Bush, or anyone in the top 3. You have to give it to them for their determination to reach their goals. They will even start winning to be able to get their way.

I don’t believe the Texans have any problem in drafting high and putting a marquee player on a crappy team to get beat up. Sometimes when I watch David Carr, I squint my eyes and am sure that I’m watching Jim Everett.

Ok, you’re right. I don’t watch Texans football.


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