Give Us A Tie-Break

As of the end of Sunday afternoon’s NFL games, week 12 featured 4 overtime games.  The Rams put away Houston on a 56 yard overtime pass; Denver hit a 24 yard field goal to take down Dallas; Tomlinson knocked out Washington with a 41 yard run up the middle; and finally the Seahawks hit a field goal after the Giants missed three of them to end a pitiful display of NFC “powerhouses.”

You would think that this would beget an amazing Thanksgiving weekend of football . . . but you would be wrong.  Why?  Because the NFL overtime rules are a mockery of the most popular league in the states.  Ending a football game by sudden death is about as satisfying as playing Casino War, (translation: it’s lame).  

In case you didn’t know, both college and high school football have got the overtime rules right.  Give each team turns with the ball on the 25 yard line, and see what they can do.  The first team to score less than the other in any round loses.  It’s exciting, both the scoring and the strategy behind it.  It makes me look forward to overtime, something I can’t say for the NFL rules.  In the NFL, the first team to get the ball on the other team’s 25 and then play conservatively enough to tee the ball up for the kicker will win, (unless that kicker is Jay Feely).  

In all of the aforementioned games, the winning team did NOT play better than the loser.  Some played significantly worse, but all happened to catch a break in the OT quarter to squeak by.  More significantly, the result was that my pick for each of these games was wrong.  For a moment, I questioned my own prognosticator skills.  But then I decided that the blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of the NFL tiebreaker, and then I got even angrier because these very rules made me question my own football brilliance.  

Luckily, I’m not a gambler, otherwise this blog might be filled with four-letter words; and we try to keep it clean here at the Frappe.  I did find one redeeming thing to say about the current NFL rules.  At the end of today’s Seahawks-Giants match up, both teams were playing so poorly, I found myself rooting for a tie.  Both of these teams deserved to be kissing their sisters more than they deserved to take over the top spot in the NFC.


3 thoughts on “Give Us A Tie-Break

  1. I definitely agree. Sudden death stinks. Maybe instead of the 25, the NFL should start the ball on the 50. That way they are out of range for all kickers in the NFL. Then you’d have to play it hard in order to at least get a field goal out of it.


  2. IAm says:This is exactly what I was talking to my youngest son about as we were watching those tie ball games. We cannot leave a game to the luck of the flip—not that is gambling.


  3. You are on the money with this one Bi-Coastal and for once even iam got it right! All the brains of the NFL (?) wasn’t the 2 point PAT supposed to fix this? Follow the College lead but start at 45 or 50. You can even dice it up a little by making them gain 15 for a first down or something if you must, but at least get away from the current fiasco! I wouldn’t want you to have to kiss your sister nor would i want you to kiss mine. Montana Mike


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