Turn The Page

San Diego Padres fans are freaking out at the possibility that Trevor Hoffman may not be resigned to the club. The Padres and Trevor are both trying to protect their respective futures. Boiled down this of course means money.

Hoffman is trying to get one last big money contract with as long a term as possible. And ideally retire a Padre.

The franchise on the other hand is hesitant to tie up a large amount of money for the long term on a player that is on the downside of his career. Think Detroit Tigers and Troy Percival. Thus is the state of pro sports today.

In baseball, the retirement of legends like Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. signalled the impending end of a player playing their total career wearing one logo. There are a handful of current Yankees that likely will buck this trend.

Gone are the sports days of my youth (in more ways than one) where people had pure loyalty to their team during thick and thin times. Players rarely play for one team for their whole career. Free agency and huge dollar contracts have squeezed the loyalty factor out like a well pressed and rolled toothpaste tube.

Fans are also more flighty for this and other reasons. The Sportscenter generation spawned the sensation of following the latest greatest thing shown in a human highlight spot. Nightly.

Another erosion is the proliferation of fantasy sports participation. It’s tough competition between the loyalty for your team, and the desire to have bragging rights over your fellas. I have watched many Angels games double rooting. This means rooting for the Angels to get far enough ahead so some of the opposing fantasy players which I own can sneak a homer, steal, or complete game in. It’s the premium rationalization feat.

The 13 year old IntrinsicBent would have shaken his head at an old dude selling out like that and in any way rooting against his own team. Grow up kid, the times they have a changed.


One thought on “Turn The Page

  1. i can still see my hero, willie mays, in a mets uni – how pathetic – gwynn & ripken are dinosaurs, and we all must face ‘the nature of the beast’ in this day and age, where no player is sacred, and no team has to be loyal to any player!


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