Shaq Vs. Kobe

Wait, wait, wait! Do NOT click through! The results are in on this way tired soap opera of a subject.

It seems the winner between Shaq and Kobe was actually………. Phil.

He completely got over. He got a year off on vacation, got a raise, toured to support his best selling book, and now stands to show that coaching does indeed matter.

It is WAY too early to call this Lakers’ season a success, other than the fact that some semblance of order has seemingly been restored.

It has been proven that Kobe cannot do it all by himself. Last season drove that point home….painfully. If Kobe can keep himself in line and play within the system he may get more rings, build his legacy, and possibly repair a horrendous image.

Shaq looked to have scoreboard last year as the Heat achieved much (in the Eastern Conference I must add though) and he looked like the popular mentor as he heaped love on his latest version of Penny/Kobe, D Wade. He also helped his cause at the start of last season by pushing himself away from the dinner table and losing weight and adding muscle. Then the injury bug found him in Southern Florida. Then again to start this young season. I’m afraid we’ve seen the best the big man has to offer.

There, it can finally be put to rest. Now let’s get going on those new rings.


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