Get Right, Or Die Trying

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Is there a third choice? Like maybe both A and B? Hate is a strong word, but when will we be rid of kiddie rap movies?

Now I know what you’re thinking. What right does an old dude have to even comment on the subject, and especially here on your beloved sports blog? First, my rap and street cred is strong. My buddies and I were out in the park breakin’ and poppin’ to the sounds of The Sugarhill Gang before most of you were born. We got out of the game when the new skool came around and ruined it for everyone. Yes, I’m talking about Whodini, Run/DMC, and LL Cool J of course.

So we get it Half Dollar, you and Vanilla Ice Jr. have seen Scarface like a million times, and see yourselves as a cross between Rocky and Al Capone. And you think we want to watch you thug it up, and further blur the line between right and wrong.

In regards to why this is showing up on the Sports Frappe, did you see the reference to game twice in this post? Word!


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