Mr. Manny

Manny has asked to be traded . . . again. Was he that kid on the playground who was never happy with the ball he got? If everyone was coloring, he was the one who was never quite content with the combination of Crayolas he had. And when it came to snack time, watch your chocolate milk, because Manny was always likely to swap his for yours for no apparent reason.

Allegedly, Manny would like to go to Anaheim. Speaking as an Angels’ fan, I’d love to see him wearing a halo next year. Even though he’s nowhere near the character I want as my franchise player, you’ve got to admit he’d solve a lot of our offensive woes. (In my opinion, he’s better than Jose Guillen in both of those departments.)

But the fact is, no team is likely to sell the farm for this guy, not with three years left on his contract. You know you’ll get great numbers from him in between trade requests, but what a headache all those requests will be. This year is different, because this year, the Red Sox won’t be able to sign anyone worthwhile for less than Manny-money; so whereas in the past, the Sox would have genuinely liked to have found someone to take him and his fat contract off their hands (remember when they actually put him on waivers and no one took him?), this year they’d rather not trade him, but if they have to, will insist on getting some proven talent in his place.

If I was the Sox, I’d tell this guy to sit on it. Is he going to go NFL on them and “hold out” during spring training? Great! Now not only do the Sox not have to pay him, they don’t have to trade him either, while he can’t play for any competitor! Everybody wins, except for the brat that can’t be happy with the contract he signed.


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