Let’s Cut To The Chase

I hate to be the one that breaks it to you. Actually, I love being the one that breaks it to you. Some of you are not going to want to hear it. Others won’t accept it. But it’s still true.

The American League is head and shoulders above the National League in the talent pool of players, coaches, and strategy.

That’s right. And true.

The second World Series sweep by the AL in a row. Dominance in the All Star game. Scoreboard.

You NL honks have argued through the years that the AL is inferior because of the DH and will have a long offseason to chew on that bitter bar. Seems that if the DH version of the game is a weaker game that requires less strategy that an NL team would have won at least a game in the last two World Series matchups.

Recent changes to the MLB have included interleague season play, wildcard playoff teams, and the annual All Star game determining home field advantage. In my estimation, interleague play is the only one that has run it’s useful and novel course. That’s probably because the fact that there’s an NL team playing brings the game down.

Don’t sweat it too much. We’re only kicking you because you’re down.


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