Hold The Phone

Wow. St, Louis football is a mess. At the pinnacle of their success, they woke up one morning, and their team was old and incapable of continuing down the path of being a possible dynasty for years to come.

Their dynamic duo that looked like the next coming of Staubach and Dorsett, (Warner and Faulk), became injury prone and ineffective. The team’s aura of invincibility was pierced and they no longer struck fear in the heart of their opponents.

The oddest move to me early on was the fact that their emotional coach, Dick Vermeil announced his retirement after winning the Super Bowl. In his place was his coordinator Mike Martz, who rumor had it was the coach of the future that the Rams wanted in place and were fearful they’d lose if Vermeil stuck around too long. It has been alleged that Dickie took the bullet for the franchise and retired. To his credit (I guess) he has always toed the company line on the subject. Curiously, a few seasons later we found that his competitive juices had not diminished and his reported desire to spend more time with family seemed to disappear.

Martz took what became his team to the Super Bowl two seasons later but could not deliver the big win. They lost the big game to a Patriot team that no one gave any hope of winning.

Martz since then has proven to be erratic in his statements as well as his coaching decisions. Some of his clock management (or lack thereof), and play calling has cost the franchise valuable wins. Such is the life of a coach.

Last week Martz announced that on doctor’s orders, he would not be able to coach the rest of the season due to a rare bacteria infection in one of his heart valves.

While watching the game against the Saints at home, he saw an adjustment that needed to be made in his mind. He lobbed a call to a representative that was to take a phone to the coaching booth so Martz could talk to the offensive coordinator. The team’s president and their president of operations denied this request and would not allow Martz to talk to his coaches.

You’d think that the team would spin that they were only thinking of their coach’s health and trying to help him follow his doctor’s advice so they could have him back on the sidelines next season. Instead, they say nothing, even when asked if they will want Martz back next year. And now Martz is making it known that he does not know if he can coexist with his bosses.

Pitiful. On both sides. I wonder if this should be filed under “what goes around, comes around.” Or maybe just “A Day At A Time With Georgia (owner) And Her Rams”. Sports supplies the best reality programming. It’s the original and ultimate Survivor brand of soap opera.


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