You Better Not

We’ve received numerous inquiries from you wanting to know our take on the Saints possible permanent relocation to San Antonio. As you might imagine, the Frappe is incensed with the thought of this occurring.

How can Tom Benson (Saints’ owner) and Rick Perry (Governor) even think they can bypass the second largest market in this nation? It’s unfathomable.

The Saints were meant to be in Anaheim, Cali. I mean the Anaheim Angels and the Anaheim Saints cohabitating in SoCal? Ok…….I mispoke…….I should have said the Los Angeles Saints of Anaheim, but you catch my drift.

Whoa, wait a minute. Pretend that I never wrote paragraphs 2 and 3.

What kind of vulture (San Antonio) would dare to take advantage of an entire city that’s just been sucker punched in the solar plexes? What kind of pimp (Saints owner) would even dare to exploit the city and fan base that has taken them in, supported them, loved them, and rocked them to sleep each season even though they’re the NFL’s version of the Bad News Bears?

Both of these remind me of the opportunistic sycophants (no, I don’t know what that means either) that popup during any crisis and want to charge 12 bucks a gallon for gas, or 7 bucks for a gallon of water, or 6 bucks for a gas station burrito (not speaking of Don Miguel burritos which are the preferred burrito of the Frappe). Have some human decency fellas. Please!

In the words of Allen Iverson: “What are we talking about here? San Antonio? We’re not even talking about a City. We’re talking about San Antonio, man. San Antonio? We’re not even talking about the City I live in every day and would die for. We’re talking about San Antonio. See how silly that is?”

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue considers relocation to San Antonio a lateral move at best, a step backward more likely. You think?

So don’t go near San Antonio during your holiday travels this year. Cuz the Grinch is in town. And his heart hasn’t grown a bit.


3 thoughts on “You Better Not

  1. IAm responds:NOw, that has a pretty good ‘ring’ to it: Angels and Saints in one City. What are they all thinking–this is a deal made in heaven–‘made by heaven!’I believe, that is the way to settle the law suit between Arte MOreno and Anaheim: Arte will agree to buy the Saints and bring them to Anaheim and he will be allowed to name them both “Los Angeles [Saints or Angeles] of Anaheim;” and the City of Anaheim will drop their Law Suit and build another stadium.Spread the news—


  2. Why is it that you put down the only City whose newspaper thinks this sports blog is pretty good?Hmmm you might have had too many Don Miguel Burritos.


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