If A Frog Had Wings……….

…….he wouldn’t bump his butt. That is the sanitized version of the Okie wisdom my Dad used to drop on me whenever I’d start a sentence with the word if. Then there was the version that had something to do with my Aunt being my Uncle, or something like that. And that was scary because after all, we were living in Oklahoma.

That came back to me tonight while listening to the Angels post game radio show. I had a conference I attended and had to miss the game. On the way home, I pieced the game together based on the talking heads and callers on the radio.

I’ve noticed all year long, that commentators, fans, and sports talk dudes have been very eager to go rat and bail off the ship after losing more than one game in a row.

This started the “if we would have kept Glaus”, or “wish we had Eckstein” brand of conversation.

Tonight we were full of stats. Current batting stats. Year over year stat comparisons. 2002 player and stat category comparisons. The sky is falling because we don’t have Colon for tomorrow.

How soon we forget and lose our faith. It’s not totally the fans’ or even the talking heads’ fault. For years we were teased with decent Angels teams that threatened to take us to the promise land and then faded. But that was then……..and this is now Pony Boy.

This is supposed to be the fun time of year y’all. I’m pretty sure that the Devil Rays would love to be down 2-1 in the second round of playoffs at their home yard right about now. At least we wouldn’t have to listen to Piniella trying to do his weak attempt at Vin Scully right about now.

So let’s agree that it’s ok to sit back, enjoy the ride, wear red, and believe in the power of the monkey. The monkey factor alone makes us unstoppable. We could roll out Sciosia to pitch and win as long as the monkey was there to jump around.

One last parting shot: Nice decision making Oakland in rehiring the manager you ran just last week. I can smell another Michael Lewis book in the making: “Billy Ball, Steinbrenner’s Memories of Mishandling Managers”. Sad.


2 thoughts on “If A Frog Had Wings……….

  1. I was just about to write something positive, but with ESPN on the background chirping about how aweful we played, it’s pretty hard to write something good. However, it does make me proud to be an Angel fan when Scioscia says things like, “I can’t be disappointed with any of those guys down in the clubhouse. It’s tough to lose, but I’m proud of those guys for playing with their heart.” I just wish playing with your heart could raise your team’s average above the .150 mark.


  2. IAm says:Angel fans won it so easy and unexpectedly in 2002 they did not realize what it takes to keep on top. They must suffer, complain, bleed and reshuffle. Sure, Angel fans suffered for a long time; but, without great expectations. After this learning experience they too are learning that All Stars have bad series also–which affects your favorite team in the most inopportune times. Yankees couldn’t do it every year with Ruth, Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Tom Tresh, Reggie Jackson, or Alex Rodriguez. Boston could never do it with the Yaz, Mo or Fisk. However, the Angels will be there again, but with new and hopefully better supporting staff to their superstars. These agonizing times will make the next years World Series so much sweeter. IAm


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