The Most Valuable Season?

Change is inevitable.  Some say it’s the only constant.  Others say only babies like it.  I file it in the “bend or break” category.  Change does get tougher as you get older.  That is, unless you swim forward like crazy as if life is the ultimate adventure that it is, you go backwards.  There’s no resting.  You’re either running forward in the marathon or slipping back to the rest of the pack about to go over the falls behind you.  There’s no dogpaddling to keep your place.  It’s called maturity y’all.  And much of it is a choice.  

Dude, that’s like a $495 motivational seminar right there.  You’ve already paid for your subscription with that nugget of a paragraph.  The Frappe is nothing, if not inspirational.

So anyway, I’m hitting my zenith as an oldie uber geek wannabe.  I’m typing this on a flight to the dreaded Beast Coast for a mandatory corporate meeting.  Change is all around me.  The Frappe doesn’t deal with points obvious, like having to do the security hokey pokey ever since 9/11.  Instead consider the $5 flight ham and crème cheese sandwich on raisin bread.  Or the $3 snack box.  Hey, didn’t airlines used to have at least one female air hostess?  And on top of all this new skool input, you know what movie they show?  Young Frankenstein!  Is that really change?  Or a weird time warp?  One thing that doesn’t seem to ever change is the ability to buy a low quality t-shirt at a dress shirt price in the airport.

As the NBA begins it’s preseason, will last season prove to be the Most Valuable Laker Season?  I wonder if the pain from the changes of last season are still fresh enough to spur excellence?  There’s the usual Laker hatin’ going on and on about them being a non playoff team.  Some have them at the bottom of the pile.  Brother please!  

Last year we started out decent and then had a season with poor acting and story plots that Days of our Lives couldn’t touch.  Was it a dream or was Rudy Tomjanovich really a Lakers coach?  Weird.

Can Phil and Kobe put aside the book and their bad blood?  Will Kobe listen to him?  Does Kobe listen to anyone?  Will Phil’s triangle be able to isolate him so he’s not carrying four opponents with him to the basket?  Can Lamar step up and play like the multi talented seven footer that he is?  Will Kwame work hard and listen, and play well with others?  Will Vlade retire (please)?  Will the other players and retreads accept their roles?

Will we really get Yao or Amare in the next couple years?  Uh, usually a new long term contract puts a damper on that.  Will we really make a trade for KG or Latrelle?  Uh, no and who knows.  According to some, Buss and Kupchak are just biding their time until LeBron is a free agent.  The rumor mill’s a funny and sometimes ridiculous media.

I think we will make progress this year, and as an optimist think we could back into the playoffs.  Yeah, I know that’s absurd, but what do you expect from someone who lived through the Sedale Threatt years?  And I never, ever, ever donned a Bulls jersey during that period.  Ever.  That’s old skool loyalty.  

Those turncoats who bled red with Bulls “pride” during the 90’s are the same spazzes that ran around in SoCal when we were in the playoffs with 13 Lakers Flags beating the crud out of their ’87 Monte Carlo roof paint.  I’m on to you bandwagoners.  And you know who you are.  Odds are, you’re all about the Spurs right now.

We’ll be back, trust me.  And I will too.  To say I told you so.



One thought on “The Most Valuable Season?

  1. thank you tony robbins with the higher forehead! wow – i’m so pumped about the nba season now – okay, not so much! i did like the “spur excellence” pun though. old skooler, you really rock. i wish i could get into the whole dunk and chuck thing, but i’ll stick with the ncaa basketball thing. But have no fear – i will be there to be the doormat of fantasy b-ball –


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