Living in a Fantasy World

As long as we’re on the subject of the cutting edge of the world of sports, The Frappe has a whole new phenomenon to report on.  This is so cutting edge that we’d like to be the first to give this phenomenon a moniker; right here, right now.  It all began when Yahoo decided to add a new feature to their Fantasy Football services.  In head-to-head leagues, you can now go to each matchup page and vote for which fantasy team you think will win.  About a week into this season, someone in our league decided that we ought to keep track of how many picks we all get right.  The Frappe writers are now involved in a revolutionary endeavor; each week we guess who will be the winner of each fantasy matchup, it’s a fantasy pick’em league based on fantasy sports.  I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that one of my peers came up with this idea, the fact that others have started keeping score, or the fact that I take it just as seriously as any other part of my fantasy sports life.  

So Frappers, what shall we call this new creation?  “Fantasy-Fantasy-Sports”?  “Fantasy Squared”?  “Hot Fantasy on Fantasy Action”?  Vote for these or any other ideas you come up with, just don’t forget that you heard it here first.


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