Power Of The Frapp

The Frapp is blowing up! We recently were linked by Richard Oliver’s San Antonio Golf blog and our counter has been speed dialing ever since.

But I want to take you back when we were first rolling after deciding we would provide only fresh, insightful takes on issues mostly involving sports. We always felt that our hunches were rock solid, and this was proven yet again this week.

It seems when the Frapp talks, ……………..the market listens. If you dig through our archives (I’d toss you a link, but it will be much more fullfilling if you dig it out yourself. Plus, I’m allergic to dust.) you’ll find a post advising you to get in on the Ultimate Fighter craze before it was cool.

Notice the part in this current article which states the UFC is breaking into the mainstream. Duh….old news if you are a regular Frapper. We don’t mean to brag, but we’re way ahead of the curve. And our Frapp don’t stink. That’s right, I said it.

Where else can you get such a well rounded diet of solid information? We love ya, there’s no two ways about it.

Do your friends and family a favor, and refer them here. You’ll be a hero. And you’ll probably get much better gifts at family functions. Just tell them to bring their own cup. And whipped cream.


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