Arroyo Flop

In case you haven’t heard, Bronson Arroyo put out an album this season, called “Covering the Bases.”  I already have one blog about the positive relationship between baseball and rock and roll, so consider this blog about the negative relationship.  I downloaded a few of his songs last week.  I didn’t break any copyright laws, since I was only sampling the music to decide if I would have liked to purchase it . . . and I definitely do not plan on purchasing it.

Don’t get me wrong, from what I’ve heard, the album isn’t terrible.  In fact, I kind of like Arroyo’s rendition of “Dirty Water,” an appropriate song for a Boston player to cover if ever there was one.  But the album hits an all time cheese-point with the song “Destiny,” and if I could bring myself to listen to the song a second time I’m sure I’d pick up on the allusion to the magical 2004 Sox team.  Certainly it was a smart move on Arroyo’s part to stick to singing other people’s tunes; but still, I have to wonder how satisfying it can really be to put out a full disc of music that someone else has already done better than him.

I guess the real issue here is that this Red Sox team is starting to remind me of the Cleveland Indians of “Major League II.”  With Arroyo playing the part of Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn who lost his edge after he went Hollywood, wouldn’t it be perfect if Big Papi had found some obscure eastern religion to add a Pedro Cerrano to the mix?  This is the one season in which Sox fans took a playoff spot for granted; but they’re waking up just in time to realize they are tied with the Yanks with a week to play.  

The problem for Red Sox Nation is that life only imitates art for so long – there will be no Hollywood ending for this “bunch of idiots.”  (The Angels already used the score-on-a-bunt-from-second-base play this season, so there’s already a hole in that page of the script.)  There’s too many hungry teams in the American League; so while you can expect the Sox to lock up a playoff spot, someone else will play the part of lovable overachievers come October – and Arroyo can record “A Fallen Star” for his sophomore release.


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