Christmas Every Weekend

In terms of sports, the Pacific time zone is almost always preferable to the Eastern time zone.  There is nothing more luxurious than rolling out of bed Saturday morning and already having a plethora of college football games on the telly to choose from, not to mention the satisfaction of having all major league baseball games seen to completion by the time I go to bed each night.  (If I had a nickel for every time I fell asleep while tracking the Angels on “GameCast” . . .)  Don’t even get me started about how weird it is to find myself flipping the television back and forth between Letterman and Monday Night Football.

That being said, NFL Sundays are the one day that I’ll happily take the eastern seaboard’s schedule; and if you grew up in a house in which church attendance was not optional, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  But living on the east coast, none of that matters; it’s like Christmas every Sunday.  Being a kid, you know on Christmas morning that the gifts you get are getting are coming off of that 5 page list you made, you just don’t know which ones.  Likewise, you already know what games are being played around the league, but only three of them are going to be on television, and if you’re like me, you don’t find out until game time which ones they are.  Now why, between CBS and Fox, there are only three games every Sunday is beyond me.  Sometimes CBS will play two games, sometimes Fox will play two games, but never at the same time.  

I realize that there are ways to find out what games will be televised in your area ahead of game time, either through the newspaper or internet or what not, but I feel that this should be frowned upon, much like my parents frowned upon my brother and I searching the house for our hidden gifts the week before Christmas.  


2 thoughts on “Christmas Every Weekend

  1. Remember when I discovered <> every single <> present that Mom and Dad has bought us. Even though they were wrapped up, I was able to figure out by size and weight what each one of our presents was. Mom was so defeated she was ready for us to open presents that day, and it was like a week before Christmas.Sorry Mom


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