Trick Or Treat

Here he comes…….walking down the street……..gonna ask for candy……….from every one he meets………..hey hey it’s Randy……

Ok, it kinda broke down at the end there, but I want to give you fair warning. Randy Moss is probably coming to your house for halloween this year. And you better have the good stuff, and not those cheesy candy corns or orange pieces of sticky sugar, er I mean “taffy”.

Randy Moss has his own halloween mask and it’s comin’ to your hood. Wild flowing fro and all. It beats the Darth Vader mask in a Raiders jersey. And it definitely beats the weak costumes that the 16 year old gang of dudes in my neighborhood wear while carrying pillow cases and bagging on me that I don’t give them enough candy. I got some ball bearings for those guys this year. (They’ll hit the bottom of those pillowcases hard).

So who would dare to spend $49.95 for a moss mask for little Jimmy? Just look at the investment in shoes that little Jimmy is sporting and you have your answer.

Sigh…..gone are the days of Green Lantern with the plastic mask with the cheap gray rubberband that snaps the first time you put it on, and the high water pant leg costumes. But thankfully, for the kids today, so are the apples and the homemade popcorn balls.


2 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat

  1. With or Without a mask, Randy Moss is still Randy MOss. However he could have used a different mask Sunday night against the Chiefs. What excellent coverage the Chiefs put on the great one–I assume there was good coverage since the quarter back refused to throw to him often. Oakland gave the Chiefs an early Treat, by not utilizing Randy MOss.


  2. the man from u.n.c.l.e. was my personal favorite costume and mask, with the green hornet a strong #2 as long as my little sister went as kato – she outgrew that by the age of 5 and i went solo as the lone ranger or man from uncle


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