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One question that consistently comes up during our daily Sports Frappe production meetings is this: “How can we enrich our faithful flock of Frappers’ lives again today?.”

Well, here’s your next life lesson, and it’s about time management.

I traveled for work this week (don’t get excited, it was just Raiderland in NoCal). While holed up in the hotel, I was reminded of a trick I learned the last time I traveled. Not being a party boy myself, I’m the dude that hunkers down in the room working like a mutant on my laptop. It drives my associates in my home office nuts, cuz they get these action items that fill their inboxes like Ed McMahon awards. All at 12:30 am.

So I had ESPN on in the background when I realized a disturbance in the force. I was about to doze off and I realized it was because the talking heads (not the group) were discussing whether or not Lance Armstrong’s marketing power would diminish if he retired after winning his seventh Tour De France. What?

I took a break before I jumped off my first story balcony, and I did what comes natural to the male species. I picked up the remote and began to troll. About 32 complete revolutions. Then I finally settled into The Terminator (yes, there was an original kids) which was about a third of the way through. Perfect!

That’s when I realized I had just invented the ultimate gauge for determining my viewing priorities. Now when I come across something that may be drivel, but I’m not smart enough to figure it out, I ask myself one simple question: If Terminator were on, would I turn to watch that, even if it was only for ten minutes? Voila! Problem solved!

Now I know that Terminator may not be your choice. But trust me, you have one, and it could very well be an Arnold movie (Total Recall?). If not, it could be Tommy Boy, or even Vegas Vacation. It could be anything that TNT might cycle twelve times in a week. (Please save your emails that share the redeeming points of Silkwood or Steel Magnolias. I don’t roll like that.)

So please feel free to amaze your friends and families with this new technique and even claim credit for coming up with it. Consider it my version of that free ebook on “How To Sell On eBay” that you see all over the web.

Plus, your gonna need to loosen up your free time by the time BiCoastal and I start dropping our frappcasts on you (stay tuned amigas y amigos).


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