There’s No I in Team

And there’s no team in SoCal. How are those two related? As usual they’re not. I just think it’s funny. And just like Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer, I have a keyboard and you don’t. So you will listen to every word I have to say.

So last night I’m sitting in the second largest market in all of this great nation, being forced to watch the hideous post game show after the NFL opener. You know the drill…they throw the local affiliate’s sports guy a bone….and a head mike, slap him into the ESPN Zone and give him random old skool NFL guys that are geeked to be on camera. In our case it’s Ex Rams and Raiders players.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m Old Skool and love the old players, and am happy that they get some notoriety and a paycheck. After all, they missed the big payday. And selling cars ain’t always that easy.

I hate the fact that 10+ plus years after football left SoCal, we’re still sitting here without a team. I also hate the fact that seemingly, everyone clings with white knuckles to the teams that left us. It’s kinda like the dude that won’t get out of bed for days after his girlfriend leaves him.

The Rams won’t be back, and although I’d never throw dirt on the Raiders’ grave, they seem to be enjoying Oakland just fine.

So we’re left with three competing factions: 1) The Rose Bowl, 2) The Coliseum, and 3) The Los Angeles City of Anaheim of Anaheim vying for the big bucks a franchise can offer. These three groups have divided our chances of getting a team here, and allowing cities like Houston punk us in the process.

The other part is, noone here really seems like it’s that big a deal. We get an extra network game out of it. There’s other things to do. Plus we’re right smack dab in the middle of “come late and leave early” country. But you better make sure there’s sushi available.

So hurry up and get us a team. Or don’t. Whatever, dude. Meanwhile we’ll be surfing, snowboarding, hitting a casting call, playing water polo, drinking bitterly strong coffee out of those ridiculously small cups, or sitting on the freeway.


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