Go Ahead And Plan The Parade Route New York

As an Anaheim, er…..LA Angels of Anaheim fan, I’ve got a call in to Mike Sciosa to let him know that it was a good try, but maybe next year. Maybe he can evaluate the motherlode of talented players he has in the minors the remainder of this season since the Yanks will now win the series.
I’m convinced after checking out yesterday’s NY Times that the Yanks latest move will power them through to taking it all. And no, it doesn’t involve a new steroid masking agent that the mlb doesn’t know about.
The Yankees are bringing back Ruben Rivera. Yes, Mariano’s cousin and the teammate that was run in 2002 from the Yanks for stealing Derek Jeter’s glove during spring training. Could there be anything more detrimental to any team sport’s locker room chemistry than a dang thief? I know…….. let bygones be bygones. That’s exactly what Jeter had to do.
Bye…….it’s gone.
It’s only a minor league contract, but why? Is this really the missing piece that solves their many ills?
A few pitchers under the age of 40 (unless it’s the Rocket) would help.
Having a high priced 1st baseman/dh live up to his hype would help. Not to mention not allowing steroids to be THE topic for so much of the season.
Also, how about an outfielder (Sheffield) that can act like he’s been there before? Pleeaassee! Sheff has a ring, but is more concerned with himself and whether people think he’s the leader than he is with the team. At least he’s been consistent his whole career with that.
There’s something to be said for old skool team chemistry. We’ve seen it in recent championship teams like the Angels (you knew I’d get that in there), BoSox, Marlins, Diamondbacks, Pistons, Ravens, and Patriots. I know what you’re thinking……..hey those teams had superstars on them. Maybe they have name recognition now after their achievement, but most had very few huge names to lean on but thought about team first. And very few of the “experts” gave them a puncher’s chance of going anywhere. Remember when the Patriots played the Rams in the Superbowl? Nobody, and I mean nobody but Hank Stram thought they’d win. Tom Brady’s Mom had St. Louis.
Grit, sacrifice, work ethic, perserverance, and the athlete’s best friend luck still shine through. Even in these days of huge payrolls and even huger egos. Coaches and managers are more psychologist than they are teacher. I could post daily on that subject alone. But I won’t. Instead I’ll keep reminding myself of the golden rule, and keep my picture of Jim Thorpe close by.
So hide your gear fellas, ‘cuz there’s a new teammate in town, and he needs to boost his Ebay memorabilia sales. In the end, Steinbrenner will buy, Cashman will stress, and Piniella will keep trying to get out of his gig to go after the Yanks job.
Oh yeah……..psyche! on the parade thing. You’re not going to be there.
It’s great to be an Angels fan. By any city’s name.

2 thoughts on “Go Ahead And Plan The Parade Route New York

  1. Your article is additional fuel for a century of debate. I would like to know, as an old K.C. Atheletics basesball fan who always thought “this was our year,” does having a payroll in excess of $2 Mil. make the World Series Ring any more or less important? Does the mid-season purchasing of needed talent, at the expense of the future, diminish the hope for the next season? I think not! While all the other teams refuse to give away their future for needed trades, the Yanks live for the present years opportunity–and, they continue in their winning ways. In the mean time, all the rest of us keep yearning for “next year could be our year.” And, when our year finally hits—that sure is sweet. Now, I realize why the Yanks might even take a chance on Rivera. They want that old sweet feeling again.


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